Hello, and thank you for using TapAgora.

TapAgora is an online multiplayer tapping race game which has a message board and competitions with rewards.

Download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.niyoseris.taptosay

What kind of competitions?

For example, you’ll receive a push notification like this;

“The first 3 players who raise 1000 taps will get 1 Waves Community Token”

After this message, the race will start. And the first 3 player who taps 1000 times (previous taps counting in), gains the token to the Waves wallet in their message tags. So don’t forget to update your <0TapAgora0> tags (Explained below).

Numbers above are variable. Mostly deadline will be about 1000 taps over the top tapper’s tap count in the Leader board. But it may change as like as the price.

It’s good for you to make more taps even there is no active competitions. Stay close to the top. Also you can gain 250 instant taps by watching video.

What are the rules?

Here is the rules about upcoming Waves Community Token (WCT) contest.

  • You can increase your taps whenever you want, regardless of competitions. If there is no competitions active, you can still increase your taps.
  • Competitions will announced by push notifications. So, keep your notifications on.
  • If you win a competition, your taps count will reset to 0.
  • You should write your Waves address between the <0TapAgora0>Your WAVES Wallet Address Here<0TapAgora0> tags in the message area. It will not visible in the message board.
  • If you don’t want to join to the contest, just don’t add (or remove) <0TapAgora0> tags to your message. Your taps score will remain.

Feel free to contact me.

Donations are welcome 😉

WAVES: 3PPPRwhhbYzZtGXvQ76JiLuwJ7n3QiDPpue